loving and hiking

I'll let you all in on a little secret; I'm extremely nostalgic. Anything that takes me back in time to the early days of marriage is like warm apple pie for my soul. 
On our actual anniversary Shane sent me text messages all day like, "Remember when you cooked me my first breakfast?" "Remember when you spilled oil all over the floor and fell 2 times while you were cleaning it up?" "Remember when we used to sit in the living room of our old house and could feel cold air?"
Shane is my guy. My person in life. He's intense, but warm. Driven, but loving.  He comes up with songs to make me laugh when I'm sad, and jumps on the bed with me before bed. He's exactly what I need every single day.

Enough sap though, let's talk about this hike!
There are 2 things you need to know about Ledges State Park:
1- Go in October.
2- Go with someone that has the same length legs as you. Or else you run the whole time.

Shane's idea of fun is not staying on the trails, but making our own. I tried to tell him that snakes do that too in hopes to scare him from making me climb steep hills, but it really ended up biting me in the rear because every 5 minutes he yelled, "SNAKE!"

And then I would scream. It was so fun. 


This is Shane taking a picture of me after I almost died going up a slope that didn't have a trail. I told him I needed a back rub and to rest. He told me to get going. Then I mooed at him. 

Then we said an awkward hello to all the foreign exchange students that suddenly came out of nowhere. 

But really - such a great day. The best kind of day to celebrate. 


Laurie said...

Love your pictures! Wow, 2 blogs in a row, so proud of you!!! :) Welcome back!!! Love you!

Chad said...


Laurie said...

keep on a blogging…..and remind your sister to start again too! :)

Megan said...

Ok Mom, I got your reminders!!!

Pretty pictures! We should go sometime and RUN… it would be fun. :)