my nursing career. sort of.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, a girl named..Sally...decided that her life plan was to go to school to be a nurse and live happily ever after! Then one day during nursing school they started talking about sticking someone with a needle and Sally felt her knees go weak and excused herself to the bathroom, but really she walked out of the building and around town thinking about other things to do with her life that didn't involve needles.

Or poop. But that's a different story.


Sally is me.

Whew, feels good to get that off my chest.


The real story here is that Mr. B has been sick with this deep, nasty cold for 4 days. He took some sleeping medicine last night that was suppose to stop his coughing and let him sleep for 8 hours straight. Liars.

1:00: coughing starts, I wake up.

1:05: coughing is still happening-clearing his throat every 5 seconds.


1:07: Mr. B: "I'm sorry. I'll try to stop."

1:07 1/2: I immediately feel like the worst wife ever in the whole world and decide I need a come to Jesus meeting. Ever had one of those? LEGIT.

1:45: coughing still happening, rolling around.

2:00: I give him Kleenex.

2:45: More rolling around and coughing/blowing his nose.

3:14: I start naming our kids!

3:25: Mr. B, do you like the name Graham?

4:20: I've decided on a new paint color for the kitchen.

6:30: I have a cookie for breakfast.

So...I now know why nurses love coffee so much!  And why Mothers need concealor under their eyes. And that our kitchen is going to be grey!



.sarah.marie. said...

our kitchen is grey!! i love it!

Trisha Nelson said...

Caramel macchiato is my best friend ;)

Megan said...

Just think about a screaming baby waking you up instead of those coughing fits... eeeeck it goes right up your spine :)

thatangiegirl said...

Trust me, you're not a horrible wife. I've said that same thing before. Even worse...I've done the "deep-angry-sigh" a few times when he's itching out of control from cancer and it's shaking the whole bed and keeping me awake. Best wife of the year award, right here.