family goodness

Its not very often that Mr. B and I get to hang out with his Papa's side of the family, but when we do, all I want to do is sit around with everyone and ask them to tell me stories. I've always felt 100% loved and welcomed by this bunch.

Here's a few of them playing games.

Here's Missy!

I mean, Melissa! She goes by both, but I met her as Melissa-and Mr. B told me they always call her Missy. So sometimes I call her Missy Melissa.

Fun fact: she is Shane's cousin, and best friends with my cousin. They didn't know that they both knew each others cousins (Mr. B and I) until they started talking about our wedding one day.

Wasn't that fun?


Moving on!

Here's Mr. B guarding his dominos with his strong, masculine, rugged hand.

This is him losing.

 If you were there he'd probably explain why his game plan wasn't working out, why the ground isn't really benefiting from the snow outside, how much yield you should be getting from your crop, and that he thinks I'm annoying when I take pictures of him.

But really he thinks it's cute when I do that.

Here's Libby! And sweet baby girl Emerson.

And Chuck. Chuck is the sweetest man I've ever met. In December he lost his wife Ginny to a stroke and spent the majority of the afternoon telling me their love story; how they used to write each other love letters, his favorite things about her, and about his travels.

He also told me that now he gets emails from eHarmony with ladies that want to date him.

"They must think I'm a looker or something! But I think it might be a little soon." He says with side smile that makes me laugh.

This is Mr. B being ornery with Missy Melissa's son Ethan.

I'm pretty sure Ethan was telling Mr. B to kick at his feet and then they could wrestle.

Mr. B loves it when someone asks him to wrestle because I never want to. As soon as I think he's going to want to wrestle with me I lay on the ground real quick and say that I surrender.

Then he tells me I'm no fun.

Then I say "But I do your laundry!"

And he shrugs in agreement.

Works every time.


Ashley Stewart said...

Kallie, your posts are the best. Why can't I be as funny as you?! Haha! But seriously....

Kate Schrill said...

wow, du hast ein gl├╝ckliche Zeit mit deiner Familien. Das ist echt super. Hast du vielleicht ja mal auf gegenseitig verfolgen?
LG, Kate:)