as always, a late merry christmas!

This Christmas is brought to you by iphone pictures! Mainly because my point and shoot wouldn't work, and because I'm trying to decide if it's time to get a real camera. Wouldn't that be fun? Please pass this along to my husband.

This Christmas went by so fast. It's like I blinked and suddenly it was Christmas evening and Mr. B was loading up the car while I was running through the house, "Have you seen my retainer?! I put it right here!"


This is my Sister warming her rear by the fire. Isn't she cute?

This is Copper! He's cute too.

Highlights of the weekend included but are not limited to:

Brynn, our niece, telling my Mom what they got her for Christmas. Sometimes I wish I had a 3 year old's spirit.

Kaela and Kelsey (the girl we probably scared away, sorry Jay!) tried Mr. B's deer jerky for the first time. They said it wasn't that bad. I call this a win for my waist line.

Playing nuts, up and down the river, and the game of 2's. We're a cards family.

Having my Grandma and her daughter Michelle come for the weekend! Loved that. Love them.

Playing our horns and singing at the local care center. It was kind of a mess technical wise this year, so I felt bad for my Dad. He puts so much effort into it and I really am thankful that he cares so much. I love that tradition.

Telling the Christmas story and Landen and Alivia joining the tradition this year by memorizing verses.

Church on Christmas Eve. The candles make me cry every year!

Laying in bed Christmas Eve and Mr. B telling me that he's never been happier in his life.

Copper joining in on the big family picture.

The magic tree. It's just so magical!

Alivia, our other neice, getting a pair of shoes and immediately walking around to everyone telling them to feel them.

Jaxon singing his train song to Shane and I. And also telling everyone that he can't tell his remote control car goodnight because it didn't have eyes.

Cohen saying, "Ewwwwwwww" everytime after someone burped.

Watching Mr. B play with Cohen and out of no where planted a kiss right on Cohen's cheek. Really? Now I want your babies.

Waking up early on Christmas morning and having a few minutes with Mr. B in front of the fire.

And lastly, time spent in the kitchen with everyone.

I want to talk about last weekend for the next month. I hope you don't mind.


Also, once we got home Mr. B and I opened one last gift alone together. The one that we thought was the most special. He opened a 9150 International tractor that he's played with everyday since, and I opened a 2 plane tickets to Washington D.C.!

Then I cried. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And Mr. B scooped me up on his lap, and we just sat there for a little bit. I've never wanted to bottle up a moment so much in my life.

'Twas a good Christmas. Yes it 'twas.


Megan said...

This made me cry. It really was a perfect Christmas.

Becca G said...

Umm...can I just bottle you and Shane up and bring you home?! SOO CUTE!!!