weekend snaps. yes, i know its tuesday.

November! Known as the month of thanks. And the month of waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to start 'legally' playing Christmas music.

It's actually been a pretty busy month so far- so, sometime I'll talk about that.

Our weekend was just so good. Friday we spent the evening with some of our closest friends/family. Saturday we ate breakfast at a bakery in town, cleaned out the gutters, and went to a wedding. Sunday was church and homeboy finished our towel rack in the bathroom.

Side note: Our church is awesome.

Another side note: For 6 donuts at the bakery, our total was $2.10 and our bellies were full of goodness. It's now our new favorite Saturday place. Also, Copper tried jumping out of the car window when we were walking in, and I'm never taking him for a walk in the park ever again.

Squirrels=crack for dogs.


Megan said...

Love fun weekends! Did you guys see Wreck It Ralph? We thought about taking the boys to it!

Kallie Brelsford said...

No, we didn't :( just walked around downtown and went to dinner at Lonski's :)