thanksgiving recap 2012

Remember last year?

Well, this year was just a tad different.

It consistested of Copper, husband, and myself going pheasant hunting at 8:00 in the morning. We didn't get anything, and I found out that I don't look good in bright orange.

When we got home I turned on the Macys day parade, made green bean casserole and got ready to go to Shane's Grandma's house.

I'm a multi-tasker. It drives Shane crazy.

When we got there I played with a dollhouse for a solid hour with one of his cousins. And I may have set up a scene that involved a plastic man trying to steal a TV and a different plastic man holding a hand gun telling him to hold it right there! Since when are hand guns sold with dollhouses?

I'm telling you-I am meant to play forever.

Then we ate, talked, fell asleep on the couch, ate some more, and said our goodbyes.

THEN we went to family video and rented Acts of Valor. Have you seen that?? ITS.SO.GOOD.
First I was all like oh my word, this happens? and then I was all like *sniff sniff* that's so sad *sniff* and then I was all like WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Rent it!

What I'm really getting at, is that Thanksgiving was different this year for us. It looked different, felt different, but it was Thanksgiving for us. Just because it wasn't the "normal" didn't mean it wasn't good.

Sometimes different is hard for me. And it's hard for my husband too. I'm just thankful and grateful that we go through things side by side. That we are able to be a voice of comfort and love for each other in all circumstances.

So, what I'm really saying is that I'm thankful for my husband.
--Said every wife on Thanksgiving.

Oh! And no pictures of this years festivities. Because I haven't broken the picture barrier with that side of the family yet (read: I'm scared they will think I'm dumb for taking pictures of our food and people making the food. And capturing my awesome TV ransom set up with plastic dolls.)


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Megan said...

Different IS hard. It never gets easier being away from Mom and Dad during holidays... and by the time I do get used to it, my boys will be out of the house and married and then I'll have to get used to it all over again.

You're a great wife, clinging to your husband! You're perfect for each other.