a tad behind.

I know its December and even before Thanksgiving everyone was focusing on decorating for Christmas, but when you have no internet and the coffee place you went to 2-yes 2- days in a row doesn't have wifi you post about Thanksgiving a few weeks after you should.

Forgive me.

Thanksgiving this year was really special to me because it was my first holiday with Mr. B (holla!) and I made my first Thanksgiving side contribution to the meal.

It was spicy.

I don't think my older brother liked it.

Behinds eating, sleeping was also involved. Can you believed that 3 men are sleeping on this couch?

Bonus point if you can find 2 little sets of feet and a sleeping dog. 

This is what happens when you try to take self timer photos of yourself with all the awesome Black Friday finds. Sorry ladies, best one I got. And I kind of like it.

Starbucks before shopping! Yum. 

And even though some people think its gross when their parents kiss and what not, I really like that my parents still show us kids that they love each other. Even while doing the dishes. 

Oh man I hate the dishes.

Mr. B just loves taking pictures!

But for real, he really does. Isn't my brother handsome? Single and ready to mingle ladiessss! 

My favorite picture of the weekend? When my husband wrote down that he was thankful for me. 

He also wrote down that he was thankful for food too.

He's cute like that.

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