I'd like to call this trip OmaYEEEEhaw! Because it was fun and I had to put a little country in it.

We left Friday evening and got there around 9:30. I was my usual copilot self as I took a nap and listened to some movie soundtracks on my phone.  Mr. B was on his phone for a while trying to convince one of his friends to get married already.

Or maybe that was me? I can't remember.

Either way! We made it and went out to Zio's Pizzeria that night. It was the most authentic itialian either of us have ever had and we each ordered a slice of pizza and shared some delicious bread. There was an ice cream joint next door that I thought would be great, but I ended up tossing it in a trash can a block down the road.

 Who puts nutmeg in chocolate ice cream? Oh, you do? Mmmkay.

The next morning we got ready to go the the main attraction of Omaha, which is the zoo! It was really great and we practically had the place to ourselves. Mr. B tried to throw me into the alligator pond, monkey pin, and rhino area.

And I would scream and thump him in the arm. Also known as flirting.

Oh! And it was super humid that day, so my hair decided to volunteer for an afro competition. We took second! The prize was a ponytail.

Mr. B also took a picture of me in the Desert Dome. I always know its going to be a good one when he takes it, and then laughs.

Then we did a bunch of other fun things like walk across a big bridge, ate at a famous creamery, saw a movie, and walked around flea markets in the Old Market district. All in all, it was such a good weekend to spend some quality time with each other.

Omaha, we liked our little trip. Thanks for showing us that we make an awesome team, continental breakfasts are the shiz, and goose down pillows make Mr. B's eyes look so big and puffy that I questioned if baseballs were somewhere in there.

Until next time!


Megan said...

Yay! Such a fun trip for you guys!

paige said...

Love the Walk Bridge, Omaha Is the best. So Glad you had a great time!! xoxo

Becca G said...

Ok, remember at the football game when I encouraged you guys that if you're not ready to have kids yet that's perfectly fine? This is why :) Fun and random trips with your best friend! Not that you can't have them once you have kids, they're just a lot more difficult and sparse. Just wanted you to know that if you're feeling pressured to have kids! Definitely don't want to STRAY you from having kids though, they are such an amazing joy! :) But enjoy these times while you can!

Does that make sense? Hope so :)

PS - I deem you and Shane CUTEST COUPLE EVER!!!!