We're changing things around here! Important things! Like rugs. And underwear.

We used to have this little rug at the front (or is it the back?) door that didn't really do a whole lot. It just layed there not covering much. So I kicked it to the curb--errr--dirt road.

Now we have a beautiful rug in the entryway! I don't think it's supposed to be an entryway rug because it feels delicious on bare feet and sometimes I lay on it when I want Mr. B to think he married a crazy rug lady.

The white table in the lower left corner is from my friend Kelsey's shop. I have these dreams of decorating it during the different seasons with lights/pumpkins/garland/ornaments, but so far it has been a great place to lay towels when I'm too lazy to put them away. At least they are folded.

Mr. B isn't a huge fan of the pattern, but he likes the colors. So I consider it a win.

Copper likes it too. He's just sad he'll never get to lay on it.

Sorry I just blogged about my rug. I just really like it. Buy things you love, players.

That includes underwear.

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Megan said...

Why are we players!?

I happen to love the rug. I like how smooth it is. So much better than my crumpled up in the corner one from Target that DRIVES ME CRAZY. :)