a bunch of nothing slammed into a paragraph!

What's been happening around here? Not much other than..

We went on vacation to Canada for a week, we went fishing, Mr. B snuck Oreos into the grocery cart, I've been instagramming my life away, I lost a 10 yard container at work, I found a 10 yard container at work, Mr. B and I have continuously asked for each others forgiveness this last week, Copper jumped on me and ruined a white shirt, I've been a laundry washing maniac, Copper chased our landlords show steer and I thought Mr. B was going to kill him, Mr. B made me breakfast, I helped my best friend do a little DIY for her wedding, Mr. B and I played slowpitch softball, I didn't want to wear my team tshirt, we went to small group, I made dessert for small group, our small group loved it and had seconds, Mr. B brought home a baby bunny for me, our worship team leader and his wife are staying with us until they can get into their apartment, I made my first batch of gravy, Copper ate rat poisoning, Copper couldn't get his nuts chopped off, Copper is smart, Copper is dumb, we love Copper.

Annnnd breathe.

We've been a little busy since vacation and I'm pretty sure it's not going to slow down until October.

And then probably not then either. That's ok, but y'all need to know that coffee has replaced all other best friends.


Megan said...

I don't like feeling replaced...

Life gets busier the older we get, huh?

Kallie Brelsford said...

Yes it sure does.