men at work

I live on gravel roads.

My car is black.

Which means they don't get along too great. Kind of like oil and water.  Tom and Jerry!  Mr. B and hot tamales! Ranch and grapes!

Ranch and grapes? Yeah, I don't know. Ask my Dad.

Again I'm surprised by the guys I work with. After commenting on my clothes, now they comment on my car.

And it's funny.

Hey guys, have you seen that disgusting car outside? 

Hey! Did someone get a new car? It's brown. Dirt brown.

I forgot to clock out yesterday. Kallie's dirty car distracted me.

Hey Kallie! Did you pray for the rain so you didn't have to wash your car?

I think I'll wait a few more weeks until I wash Rosa. Just for kicks and giggles.


Dirty Rosa's Mom

P.S. I know some of you are still stuck on the whole ranch and grapes thing. That's ok.

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