I got it from my Mama.

I love sporting some good 'ol arm candy!

My Mama bought me this middle bangle a little over a year ago and I'm pretty sure by how many times I've worn it that it has definitely gotten it's money worth.

It reminds me of her. She's so gracious. Always giving. Always funny. Did she have to give it to me? Nope. But we do what we can so the other always looks cute.

We can't help it.

My sister is slowly hopping on the bandwagon. It's 'bout time! You little cute thing, you.

The pearly bubble looking one on the far right? Wore that on my wedding day. Why buy things for your wedding if you can't wear them all the time?

I wore my wedding dress to Walmart just yesterday!

Okay, fine. I didn't.

Only because I had to pick up dog food and can you imagine seeing someone in Walmart in their wedding dress carrying a 20 pound bag of dog food over their shoulder? 

That'd just be nuts.

Speaking of nuts, my hair was so big this morning that it hit the roof of my car when I got in. You know what they say about big hair though. The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus.



Megan said...


The thought of you in your wedding dress at Walmart had me laughing out loud!

leah @maritalbless said...

You are a silly girl and I love it.