watch out, this one is long.

Did you know that I haven't blogged for like 2 years? It's true. And I apologize. I knew it was about time I started back up when my older brother Chad (of all people) tweeted that I hadn't updated for a while. He speaks truth that man.

But he's mean. Watch out. My best friend has been scared of him for years.

W e love our new house! If you were a fly on the wall you'd see us playing hide and seek, doing running slides on the floor, and baking/cooking more than we ever have. I'll show pictures in the next couple posts. That's if I become uninfatuated with our new puppy! Yep, Mr. B and myself got a pup and his name is Copper.

Like off of The Fox and the Hound. We love him. And I'm officially one of those crazy people that takes tons of pictures of their dog. I used to make fun of those people, but now, totally understand.

Mr. B even refers to me as Mama to him. Are we crazy or what? Obviously.

Last week I was gardening (aka-pulling weeds and hating life) and up from the ground came a snake. That story deserves its own post. Basically I wanted to move into a high rise apartment complex in the city and never return to dirt roads. Thankfully, my husband is smokin' hot and I would miss him.

And the biggest news of all that's happened recently? The church I attended in college that I loved more than butter is doing a church plant in Grinnell! We met with the new pastor and his wife for some chow the other night and are so excited to get started with everyone! After a couple nights of struggling with the church we were currently going to, then hearing this and my husband not skipping a beat about wanting sign up to help whereever needed, God is so good.

Oh, and I apologize that about 99.9% of my photos will now be from my phone. I'm on intsagram--kalliebrelsford.  Watch out, a lot of my photos are of Copper.

Don't say I didn't warn ya.

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Kiri said...

I was hoping to hear an update from you soon! So did you guys buy a house? Or renting? Either way, it looks nice! And that puppy is freakin' adorable! My husband wants one so bad, but since he works nights I would be the one getting up to take it out...not sure if I am up for that! lol Glad to hear everything is good with you!