bad days.

Seriously, look at him. He's probably laughing at me in this picture, but I don't care.

Long hair, don't care. Well, actually I do. I need my hairs cut. Bad. 

Last night after a long, crap filled day, Mr. B snuggled me on the couch, danced with me in the kitchen, volunteered to go on a run, and gave me a killer back rub. 

Yes, he's amazing. 

Yes, we love marriage. 

Yes, he chopped all that wood by himself. What a man. 


Adrienne said...

WHAT a sweet hubby :) They sure do make the bad days better, don't they? Unless, of course, they cause the bad days... Doh!

I need a hair cut too... It's been a loooong time.

Becca G said...

Aww bless him!! :) you're one lucky lady Kal! Love that you guys love marriage! Does my heart good :)

Megan said...

Not true. Tyler totally cut at least 2 of those logs... :)