little latelys.

Alright, first off we went to our first small group last night and I just have one word. AWESOME. And funny. And loving. And accepting. And powerful. And awesome. Oh, that was more than one work? My bad.

I just made my Dad a workout regime to start following! It has a little challenge on it, some eating tips and running week by week.  How can you not be excited about that? I luuuurve it.

I'm just really excited for life in general recently! Not even things that are just happening in my own life, but everyone around me. Must have something to do with all this snail mail.

I've been trying to define what I want my house decor to look like since after the day I got married. It's been such a drag trying to find things that match and coordinate with what I thought I wanted. So now, I'm throwing it all out the window and just getting things that I love. Like patterns, and colors and blankets. Because its cold in my house. Remember?

Everytime I need to go into the bathroom I peek my head in the door first to make sure there isn't a mouse on the trap. Mr. B caught me the other day and laughed. When he laughs at me I feel special.

Special ed. Ten bucks if you can name who always said that. Go!

And guess what? All of y'all that guessed what our favorite store is? Wrong-o. It was a trick question because we were in Walmart, but we actually love Thesiens. Popcorn for me, Carhart for him. Its a win win!

Let's rock this week, make it a good one!

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