little latelys.

This is going to completely random, buckle up.

-I'M MARRIED! Man, I love saying that. For all those wondering minds that want to ask me how marriage is, let me just say that I've never been more sure of something so great. Everything is great. Waking up is great, making Mr. B breakfast is great (only on Mon/Wed/Fri, lets not get carried away here), and even folding laundry is great. I've just never experienced anything like it. Amazing.

-I'm currently recovering from a little illness that crept up on me the week of my wedding. That whole topic needs its own post that I might do in the near future. But long story short, I feel like I'm getting better everyday. Praise ya Jesus!

-Putting away everything in our teeny tiny miniature house is finally starting to show! I'm still at a loss at how to decorate and what colors I want to put on the walls. We're renting, which is great for us, and our landlord is really relaxed and basically is letting us paint/redo anything we want. I love him-even though he is quite awkward.

-My sister in law sent me some recipes for easy meals today. God bless you sweet, sweet woman. Right now I would like to grab her face and plant one right on her forehead.

-We don't have internet at our house yet-so last week I was either sneaking into McDonalds to steal their wifi or ordering a large diet coke and planting my bottom in a cold, hard booth. I finally figured out yesterday that the library might be a more comfy option. I was right, and it's free!

-I really miss working. Earlier this week I went around town to different orthodontic places just dropping off my resume and smiling real big when I talked to the ladies in the up front offices. I've basically been feeling sorry for myself the past couple days and when I woke up this morning I was still bummed about it. After some much needed quiet time God totally put me at peace about trusting in his timing and the rest of the day I was in a total state of relaxation. I even did my nails, yes I did. Just now I checked my email and I have not one, but TWO jobs that are interested in me! One is in an orthodontic office-so please pray for me. I would be so happy to be back doing what I love.

God is just so good. Yes?

This is lengthy! Want to see a picture? It's off of Facebook. But I like it because I'm mackin' on my man.


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Kiri said...

Congratulations Kallie! You look SO beautiful! I want to see more pics! So glad you are loving married life :)