facts of life.

If I could go to pumpkin farms every weekend for the rest of the year I would be a happy camper.

Even better is when I get to go with my Mom and my sister.

A great thing about the whole wedding experience is getting to lean on the people that love you the most. I think the past couple of months have challenged my relationship with these ladies and the outcome, in my opinion (don't ask them yet, they still think I'm a crazy lady) has caused it to grow.

So naturally when we got to go to this little farm in Iowa to pick out my wedding flowers one morning, I was smilin' from ear to ear. Soakin' it up like a nasty sponge.

Random fact: Mr. B says warsh. 

Fact #2: my computer automatic spell check just tried to correct 'warsh' to 'wash'. 

Fact #3: A little boy wanted to ride this tire swing while I was on it. He didn't know I was born to play.

Fact 4: I hope these two still love me in 11 days. 

Keep your fingers crossed. 


Megan said...

You don't need to cross your fingers, there's absolutely NO chance that we'll do anything but love you for the rest of your life. I heard once that you know you're close to someone when you can fight (like, really fight) and then move past it and go on... you don't do that with people you're just casually friends with. Obviously multiple times since we were kids this has happened to us and I'm confident it will happen in the future as well. We "fight" because we're so close and because we're both stubborn, haha!

All this to say, I love you and nothing...NOTHING...will ever change that.

PS, I had SO much fun that morning :) Thanks for letting me come!!!

Becca G said...

Hope you don't mind if I share a few things :)

1) I wanted to kill my mom during the wedding planning (and I'm sure she felt likewise ;) ) . And honestly that brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it because we wouldn't have had a FRACTION of the beautiful wedding we did if it wasn't for her. And now that everything's over with, it seems that we are much closer. It's a very stressful time for anyone involved..but fear not...your mom and sister will still love you and I about guarantee you'll be closer when it's over :)


2) can you please tell me where you got those adorable brown boots?!?! kthanks :)

Megan said...

Also, a funny side-note... your "link within" brought up this post: http://kalliesue.blogspot.com/2010/09/mmmm.html

Which I think you're wearing everything in that post in THIS post, except the jeans?

Funny stuff right thuurrrr.