weekend in numbers.

Let's talk about Labor Day weekend.

Let's talk about how not an ounce of labor was done by this girl. It was one of those weekends that was just plain good. Nothing fancy or out of this world amazing, but just so good.

My weekend in numbers! You know you're excited!

4: Hours spent in the car with my parents. Most of the time my Mom was throwing hot sauce at my Dad.

1: Statement telling me that my shorts looked like camp counselor shorts. Ow ow!

2: Minutes I got to see Mr. B and Tyler shake their groove thing. My sister and I got to feast our eyes on those spicy shakers. Believe me, it was hot.

56: Little brothers football number! They might have lost. No I don't want to talk about it.

10: Times I was thankful I wore my Sperry's that day. Rain just isn't fun sometimes. Except when everyone has to cram into a van. Then it's fun.

6: Average hours of sleep each night.

3: Miles of exploring the bike trail.

8: Seconds it took me to inhale one of my sisters cinnamon roll pancakes. One word: amen.

50+: How many times I want to thank my brother for doing my wedding video. He's amazing.

1000000: How many times I want to say I love 75 degree weather.

I love 75 degree weather.

...I love 75 degree weather.

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Megan said...

10,000,000,000,000,000,000 - How many times I think about you per day.

Love you <3