Lately, okay everyday, I've been asking Mr. B if we can elope. He always says no, I whine and ask why not, he says no, I say please, he says no.

He says that a lot.

Can we get a dog?  No.

Can I get an iPhone someday? No.

Do you like my skinny jeans? ....I like them from your knees up.

One of the main reasons I was stressed about the wedding last week was the invitations. But I'm not stressed about them anymore because I got them done!

Done baby done.

Of course there was plenty of procrastination on my part. I had to mail them by 7.

And this is when we left the house to go to the post office.

But nothing was stopping us! Not even construction. I'm beginning to think that Missouri is just like Minnesota with there only being 2 seasons, winter and construction. 

I probably made my Mom take this picture of me. I was proud, okay?!

There was a line in the post office that made me wait a traumatic 2 minutes that felt like 20. Everything was moving in slow motion and I swear everyone that was paying for their mail in line couldn't find their debit card. That never happens to me, I always know where everything is.



Oh! Here I come! Did I drop them off with the precious lady at the counter?

You bet I did. As I handed them to her I told her to treat them like gold, then she threw them in a bin. Then I cried.

And of course I posed again. I feel like this picture says "I was too lazy to change out of my scrubs."

It feels so good to be done with such a huge part of the wedding.

Now, if you'll please excuse me, I have a whole page of stuff left to do before October 15th. 


Becca G said...

1) love, love, love, love LOVED your invitations!!!!! So awesome!!


2) Nate hates my skinny jeans too :) ha..men.

Kiri said...

You guys are getting married quick! I really think that's the way to go though...we had a long engagement and you just stress out about things that don't matter. Wasn't it terrifying leaving your invites at the post office?! I literally told the lady to be careful with them! lol When you spend so much time on them, it's scary to leave them in someone else's (uncaring) hands! You should post a pic of them! I'm dying to see some wedding details!

Becca said...

I love this post. SO much.

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Congrats on the invites being done! Im sure its a huge weight lifted off your shoulders!!