columbia fun list!

This weekend was spent watching Jason play football and an amazing, hit you right in the stomach sermon at church.

Needless to say, it was great.

Since I'm only in Columbia for 18 more days (holy crap. hoooollllyyyy crap.) I decided to enjoy the city as best I can before I head off to never never land.

No, that's not right.

Country country land.

So I'm making a little adventure list!

-Go to Red Mango, Orange Leaf, and Yogoluv. I'm a frozen yogurt freak.
-Get Southside pizza and slam it down with a beer or two. You heard me.
-Walk or ride bike on the MKT trail all the way downtown and back.
-Make some homemade crab rangoon with my Mama.
-Go hiking at Rockbridge State Park
-Buy 1 piece of Mizzou apparel.
-Watch a movie at Ragtag Theater.
-Spend some quiet time in Kaldi's coffee shop.

There ya have it! As much as I didn't like Columbia when I moved here, it's become home to me more than ever.

Fun times here I come!


kayla rotola said...

frozen yogurt is my favorite food group. i think i'll have some this week too. : ) hope you have a fun week!

meme-and-he said...

sounds like it will be a great last new days!! live it up!