I stole this picture from the best sister ever!

But I only did it because it just instantly makes me smile and for my chest to feel full of excitement. 

Mrs. B.

Mrs. Kallie B.

Mrs. Married to the cutest boy ever.

Mrs. Cooking meat every night. 

Doesn't my sister have good handwriting? I'll never forget that one time when we were little she told me that my handwriting was sloppy. 

So when I wrote out her invitation the other day, I tried to do it as perfectly as I could. It was intense and I was sweating. 

My first shower is this weekend and I'm excited to spend some time with some ladies! 

Oh, and there are presents right next to me that I'm refraining from opening. But no one is home so I think I might unwrap them, take a peek, do a happy dance, and re-wrap them!

But I'm not a good at wrapping presents, so I guess I'll just leave them as is. 

To do list: learn how to wrap presents better so I can open them without anyone knowing.

And guys, thanks so much for the prayers. Honestly this week has still been super hard, but I know that it'd be so much harder without support and prayer. You are awesome.

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Megan said...

I love this!

MRS. :)