Want to see the new member of the Brelsford family?!

We're a lot alike in the fact that we take pictures with our tongue out and run around the yard like a bat 'outta hell. 

Here's the real deal with Kate. My family has been fostering dogs for the past couple months and usually the dogs that come to our house are already adopted, but Kate wasn't and still isn't. Who wouldn't want this cute thing!? She even licks me to show me she likes me.

We also have that in common. 

Mr. B says I can't keep her, but maybe I'll be able to hide her in the bathroom and he won't notice.

Kallie, why are you going to the bathroom so much?

I'm pregnant okay?!

No....that won't work. 

On to plan B,


Megan said...

What a mean Mr B :)

She's so cute! And her name is Kate... it's destiny.

Kiri said...

What a cutie! And this is totally random, but I love your soon to be last name! haha