11 ways.

Mr. B and I were a tad scared to register for our wedding after all the horror stories we heard about going.

"Oh you'll fight the whole time, won't agree on anything."
"Men are uninterested in anything you say the whole day and it just ticks you off."

Blah blah blah.

Well, I'm here to tell you that IT'S AWESOME.

We had a really great day. And since our registering process went so good, I'm going to tell you how to make your registering day the best day ever!

How to Register for your wedding and still think each other are smokin' hot at the end of the day:

1- Get a full 9 hours of sleep the night before.

2- Eat at Casey's for breakfast. Preferably an egg sausage biscuit and 2 donuts for your man, and ladies, you can have a Luna bar. Remember, you can't eat anything that tastes good because you are on a diet. Don't forget a QUART of Reduced fat Chocolate milk for your fiancé' as well-this is crucial. He's a growing boy!

3- Have your fiancé pray for patience with each other before you enter the store. This.works.wonders.

4-Give your fiancé the scanner. This gives him the opportunity to act like a ninja all day and play games with it.

5-Wear a diaper. When your fiancé is acting like a ninja, he'll hide around aisles and try to scare you. It works.

5-Don't ask your fiancé about colors for home decor. He doesn't care. Instead, take the scanner from him and tell him he can go lay down on one of the beds.

6-Take random breaks to sit in massage chairs. Tell your fiancé that your massage chair is better than his so he'll want to switch. Only say this if your chair sucks and you want to try his chair.

7-Go to Culvers and get ice cream.

8-Scan everything he wants. Even if you think it's dumb.

9-Start training for a marathon to keep up with your fiancé. He'll try to take off in the store to scan things that are inappropriate or really random. So, if you see a little girls dress on our registry? We're not pregnant.

10- Go to Bed Bath and Beyond. They give you free drinks and food! Plus their scanner is the best.

11-Hold hands all day.

See how easy that is?

Piece of cake. Mmm...cake.


Becca said...

Yesss! We LOVED registering! I want to go all the time now! And it's weird now to walk through stores and not say "ok Jordan, scan this one". It really was the best! Except we didn't get free drinks or food :(. Boo! Glad you had fun! :)

Megan said...

I saw the jumperoo on your Target registry last night and laughed.

So glad it was a positive experience for you guys!!

Becca G said...

Kallie this is great!! I'm glad you had a great time!

I, too, was worried about all the things people said about registering, but Nate and I had an absolute blast. In fact, we would really like to do it again :) And btw..people expect dumb things to be on registries..and don't be surprised if you DO get that little girl dress as a gift :)