oh, just another friday.

This whole day I got to relax with my sister. After staying up until 12 with her and my little brother I was perfectly alright with doing a whole 'lotta nothing today.

We got to watch some Greys Anatomy (our favorite. ever.)

The boys woke up from their nap early, so we decided to hit up the spray park downtown.

With our matching sunnies of course. 

And Cohen's shark bathing suit. No, it doesn't come in adult sizes, I already asked. 

When we were done there, we hit up Sparkys.  If you didn't already know, Sparkys has been on the news lately for wanting to serve cicadas in the ice cream, since cicadas only make their appearance every 13 years and are everywhere. You know the locust plague in the Bible? Basically the same thing. 

BUT, thanks to the food nazi people, they weren't allowed to serve it. Maybe in 2024 I hear! 

Jaxon sharing his cone, he's such a rockstar. 

And baby Cohen got a slice of the homemade ice cream as well. 

I love my sister being back in KC. It makes days like today awesome. 

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Corinne said...

I heard the news about Sparkys and I was shocked! Cicadas ice cream??? Sounds a little too gross for me.

BTW- Congratulations on your engagement :)