bachelorette vent.

Tonight on the Bachelorette they got to go to a comedy club and 'roast' Ashley. I wish I would have been there, because I totally would win.


Is there anyone in the world that watches the bachelorette/bachelor that doesn't know how the dates work, or can't count that there is only 1 rose left?

They need to be shot so Chris Harrison can give his millions of dollars to me.

My favorite line of the whole season is still "tickle my pickle" said by Bentley.  Even better is that they bleeped out pickle. Pickle is the new F word I guess.

Wait, it might be that Ashley loves Mama's boys? No honey, you don't. No one does. Girls pretend to love that quality and then they secretly hate their mother-in-laws.

I'm so happy that someone finally said something about Ames's big forehead. Because it's so big!

I feel like men in this season have some of the weirdest names. Constantine? Sounds like he should be giving you a tour of the star museum.

I love this show.


Trisha Marie said...

this is so great.

Leah said...

Well done!

Stephanie said...

Bwahaha! This cracked me up!

P.S. I think Ames is creepy looking. Every time she chose him, I cringed.