Alright, so I haven't blogged much recently and I'm okay with that because my life? It's like a bad lifetime movie right now. So.dang.boring.

Plus way too much crying. Of course I'm talking about Mr. B.

..except the fact that I'm talking about myself.

Also, can I just say I hate politics? I don't pay attention to them and then whenever people ask me how I feel about things I just agree with whoever said something last.

Man 1: ".... and all of it really makes me want get a beer with the guys."

Girl 1: "What do you think on the subject, Kallie?"

Me: "I agree."

Girl 1:"Wait, what?"

Me: "What?"

Then I tell them that I'm a republican and watch CNN. In the same sentence.

How am I suppose to know that CNN is a Liberal news station?

They didn't teach me that in high school.

Maybe they did. I was too distracted by my boyfriend sitting in the front of the classroom. He always had the best pair of shoulders...mmm.

Speaking of him, he's coming to see me this weekend!

So is this little guy. Look at those sweet primary teeth. All 18 of them. 

And these biker babes. They were going for the wind blown hair affect. 

And my new brother and sister in law. They got into a fight with the lawnmower last weekend. Their lawn mower is AWESOME. 

My lawnmower was lame.

And lastly, my little brother. 

Doesn't that picture just make you want to pinch his rosy cheeks and ask him to go get the milk in the basement?

I'll time you Jason, go! 

And he'd go running off. Always such a good listener that boy. 

Alright, I'm off to watch some FOX news now. 

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Megan said...

I have a big open wound and you just poured salt in it.