am I just weird?

Or am I the only person who doesn't really like it when you are out to eat and right by the food you are going to order is a big, huge, calorie number.

Oooo, this chicken salad sandwich sounds good!! Wait, 1034 calories?!?!  But I only burned 200 calories on my hour run this morning!

I'm tellin' ya, you can't catch a break anywhere. It's not that I want to go overboard and completely forget about eating right, but can't a girl just have fun?

That's why they made that song you know, so us girls can eat out and not be a calorie nazi.

On a different note! I spent some time with my little brother this weekend. Eghhh, scratch that. I watched him slam down 2 brats, 2 hamburgers, a whole bunch of appetizers and sunny D, heard him snore and talk in his sleep, and gave him a hug goodbye this afternoon.

That's time well spent right there.

I also almost died on a bike ride with my Dad this weekend. I'm basically pathetic and completely out of shape. 

And lastly, I just like this picture of my older brother and his youngest. Circa September 2010 at Jason's first college game. 

Here's to the week ahead, my brothers, and avoiding visible calories! Holllllla!


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meme-and-he said...

AMEN!! If I am out to eat, I am accepting the fact that I will be indulging myself. I don't need a reminder of the calories!!