We went to Branson!

Over the weekend I drove to Branson to meet up with my sister's family and parents to relax and eat frozen blueberry pancakes.

We didn't have any peanut butter to put on them, so I went into shock mode for a few minutes. Don't worry, I've fully recovered today.

The weekend was spent playing Monopoly Deal, lots of cards, going shopping, and we even managed to squeeze a little Starbucks trip in there. What kind of weekend would it have been without Starbucks?

Aren't my parents are cute together?  We also accomplished taking the most awkward photos ever known to man. 

Annnnnd one more! Can you imagine watching this happen? 

My beautiful sister and I had some great conversations every night until early in the morning. She's my best friend. Oh, and I just want to give an update on the whole Texas vs. Kallie situation, because Texas stole my sister from me, remember?  We're still fighting.  It's getting pretty ugly. 

Overall we had a great time! Except when my Dad took us on some back roads that caused me to lose all the color in my face. 

Never again. 


Megan said...

It was a blast and I loved seeing your gorgeous face.

I just wish that family pic of us was better, of me. Ack.

kayla rotola said...

I love Branson vacations! Lucky. Glad you had a fun time with your family. : )