Monday Monday.

This weekend I figured out a very important fact.

It's life changing!

Foods that have an "s" on the end of them are spelled that way for a reason. So you can have more than one!

Think about it. Chips? You don't say "I'm going to have a chip." No way! You grab a handful and shove them in your mouth.

Same with Oreos. They're called Oreos so that you don't feel guilty about having more than one. Or five.

So, this past weekend when my friend Joslin called and said we were going to eat dinner and have margaritas?

Oh yes.

It was such a good time! We had chicken spaghetti, danced in the kitchen and chatted about boys. My favorite part of the night was taking pictures with our friend Melinda's photo on a stick. She was in Texas and couldn't come and we definitely missed her!

Also, shout out to my best friend Andrea. Whenever I leave from being with her all weekend I have a six pack from laughing the whole time. Holla! 

Everyone needs a friend like that. :) 

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Leah said...

Best blog post about the use of "s" ever.