I think I'm going to get fired.

I'm always having a great time at work. I try to make our patients feel at home by being upbeat and positive about everything, so it's not unusual that I'm the same way with my co-workers.

They are seriously the best in the world. We are always laughing, joking around, and being productive all at the same time.

The thing is, I might have blown it today. On Friday night when I was watching Funniest Home Videos I saw a small prank on the show that I for sure thought I could pull on my friend Teal. A little background on Teal and I, we fight like brothers and sisters. Not the bad fighting, the fun fighting. We're always competing to see who can get a patient in and out of the chair the fastest, who can do the best pour ups, you name it. So who better to pull a prank on than Teal?

After lunch today I tied a rubber band on the hand piece by the sink so whenever someone turned the water on, the water would immediately come out of the hand piece and all over whoever was standing in front of the sink.

My plan was to get Teal to somehow wash his hands at the sink and get soaked.

My plan failed when I forgot about my planned prank and my office manager decided to use the sink before Teal.

All the sudden I hear her say, "TEAL.TWADDLE."  Only to turn around and see Felicia, the office manager, soaked.


Her shirt that was originally blue was pitch black.

Luckily everyone laughed, but I felt so bad! The great part was she thought it was Teal that did it, when he was the one that was supposed to get wet.


Maybe I'll stop doing pranks.


Megan said...

Well, better the office manager than the doctor. Ha!

Megan said...

PS, I think the red head forgot her black shirt that day. Yes?

david-and-emily said...

bahaha!!! oops! that is hillarious.