do I have the best? Well yes, yes I do.

Best boyfriend that is. November 23, 2009 I wrote this note about him. 

I have an extremely attractive boyfriend. Let me just share with you how amazing he is. I’m trying to explain to my roommate how Jesus can change her life, he did it perfectly and so much better than me. He’s such a great story and example of finding God and living for him. He tries to avoid fighting by openly admitting that he’s not always going to be right about everything and is sincere when he tells me that I’m the best.  He takes me out on dates, and gives good advice for me to pass along to my best friend. He comes back in the house after being excited and hurrying to go do something because he forgot to kiss me goodbye. He understands me to the fullest, and calms me in ways that no one else can. He is constantly reminding me that he will always take care of me. He doesn’t care that I don’t have a set plan, but is happy and thrilled that he can just be my rock in shaky moments of my life. He is constantly teaching me about everything, trying to better me in common knowledge. Did you know that I know how to skin a coon and how long it takes to farm 900 acres? Sorry if that made me sound really country. :) I love you Mr. B.

Holy awesome.  So tomorrow when I start whining that we're long distance and he pops my toes, just slap me on the cheeks. 

Whichever cheeks you feel comfortable slapping. 

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Megan said...

So sweet.

I love you both!