i'm lovin' it.

Usually in Missouri the average snowfall per year is around 20 inches. Guess what?! We got that in one day this week! I love it. I think I'm supposed to be living in Minnesota or Wisconsin because whenever it snows I like it. A lot.

Remember my last snow post? I thought that was a lot of snow, psh. That fluffy stuff was for the girl scouts.

This is what we woke up to at 8:00 on Tuesday.

An hour and a half later..

2 hours later..are you seeing the legs on the chairs disappear?

2 hours after that..

And then this is what we got to deal with on Wednesday! Columbia doesn't believe in snow plows.  They only believe in Carmichael plows. 

After a while I started to get cabin fever. So I forced my parents to play Monopoly Deal with me! It's my favorite game ever. 

Then I forced brownies down their throats. 

And now I'm going to force myself to get on a treadmill. 


Angie said...

You guys definitely got the center of that storm! We got a lot, too, but not as much as you! Every time the weather man would show the map, I would think of you guys when it showed Columbia right at the eye of the storm! :) Yay for snow!

Megan said...

Yay for chunky poopy brownies and Monopoly deal. Sounds like a fun night to me!