There's just something about this time of year that makes the heart happy. The music, the food, the family, the lights, everything is just so cozy and snuggly. Who doesn't love to snuggle?

It's my favorite thing! Eh, okay top five.

The only bad thing that comes with my snuggling is drool. Now I'm not ashamed to say that I drool about 95% of the time when I sleep, but one time Mr. B and I almost broke up because of my drooling.

It was a crisp evening while we were in high school. We were "watching" a show on tv when we started snuggling on the couch only to find ourselves taking a quick snooze. I woke up after a while, happy as a lark because I felt so lucky to be in the strong arms of my super hot boyfriend. I repeat, super hot.

He didn't feel the same.

"Kallie look at my shirt," he said.

I shouldn't have looked. I mean, what could he have done if I didn't? He couldn't send me to my room, or even make me do the dishes. As I sit up I suddenly noticed that my cheek was slightly damp, and by slightly I mean it was drenched with something wet. I looked at his shirt only to see that his whole chest area where my head was laying was covered in drool.

It was like I drooled a big 'ol lake. And homeboy can't even swim! Poor guy.

"I didn't do that," I said quickly, pretending to be going back to sleep. "Maybe you're sweating?"

"No. You drooled on me and that is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen," he countered.

I froze and glanced at him with wide eyes. My body was going into waves of panic. Who will I go to prom with if he breaks up with me? Will he tell everyone that I drool? What if I drool at prom?

Oh prom.

"You're cute," he whispered, as he kissed my forehead.

And then I started daydreaming about big frilly prom dresses.

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