fantastic fridays.

Friday is the day of the week that gets lots of good shoulder shimmy action for being so awesome. First off, I don't work Fridays! Not that I'm glad I don't work, because believe me I love my job more than Sunday afternoon naps. Secondly, I've gotten a lot accomplished today.

I woke up at 7.
I went on a walk with my psycho dog.
I cleaned the house and my room.
I had an ice cream sandwich for lunch.
I got a lengthy letter from my best friend, which made me re-read another letter that I got from a good friend on Oct 26. You know who you are.

Another reason I'm lovin' today? I get to see the homeboy and my little brother! I can already tell that the weekend is going to be sweet. Like artificial sweetener in coffee.

I promise to be better at writing. I'm not sure why sometimes I slack so much. I have such a good story to share. So stay tuned!

Happy Friday weekender friends.

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