Old home.

This past weekend back in Iowa, after the camo wedding and naps, I took this photo of my childhood home.

It tugs at my heart. 
Makes me miss Mr. B and his Delta '88.
Is needing a volleyball net in the front yard. And cars in the driveway.
Brings back a feeling of relief after going horseback riding on the highway.
Reminds me of trying to get on the internet past bedtime without my parents hearing the dial up. 

And Chad's hair during devotions.
And Megan's white eye shadow.
And Jason's high pitched voice.

Gol, I miss them.

What a dumb photo. 


Jody said...

camping...yelling at our parents to be quiet if they expected us to go to sleep they could not throw loud (card) parties after sending us to bed. :-) Jody

Angie said...

Megan's white eye shadow...heck yes.

chad said...

This picture kind of looks like you were creeping up and hiding in the ditch to take a picture.

Kallie said...


Nope. Driving by :)