I went to Keosauqua, Iowa this weekend and besides having a great time at a wedding, I learned something.

Rosa is a big hit with the deer.

Which reminds me..

I used to have little spats with Mr. B about deer.

"But, how can you kill a deer? They are small and cute and I just want one for a pet!"

Then he would just look at me, cock his shot gun, and come back angry if he didn't get one.


Now that I'm older and more mature I realize that if he doesn't shoot them, I run them over with my car. And I'd rather not be giving Rosa a new nose anytime soon.

You know you're in deer country when:

...Instead of seeing signs that say "Watch for deer next 9 miles" you see "Watch for deer next 35 miles.

...You're scared to turn off your bright lights.

...Everything looks like a deer. Even grass. And bugs.

...You slow down to let 3 deer cross the road.

...Your hands are plastered on 10 and 2.

...Camouflage is actually a color on the color wheel.


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