human heater.

One of the best parts of fall?


I think bonfires rule the school. It's a great low key place to hang out and the best part (besides s'mores) is that no one can tell if your mascara is making you look like a big 'ol raccoon. 

In saying that, don't buy cheap mascara during 'coon season in Iowa. Just don't.

And that goes for you boys too.   

Some of my greatest memories of Mr. B and I are sitting around the bonfire. In high school we would go after a Friday night game to hang out with friends. 

He always smelled like sweat.

I always liked it. 

When it was really cold I would stand with my little hiney toward the fire until his football jersey was so hot that it was almost glued to my back, run as fast as I could back to where his chair was, and sit down in his lap so he would get warm. 

As you can see, I played a crucial role in his life back then.  

Then sometimes the boys played with fire and I would scream like a little girl so he'd think I was cute.

I think it worked.

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Megan said...

What I wouldn't give for a bonfire right now... maybe we can have one when you guys come for Turkey day? Eh?