little red truck.

It's too bad when I saw Mr. B yesterday that I didn't get to ride in his truck.

You see, his truck has magical powers!

It has a built in scope to tell you which areas of your body need some work.

No joke, it's that cool.

Especially when we drive on gravel. Driving on gravel roads is kind of like Jillian Michaels screaming in your face.

I can only handle riding in it for so long before I start getting  A) depressed or B) motivated.

Mr. B, when we get back home I need to go on a 4 hour run. 

Or the more common response,

Hey, when we get back lets make some double fudge brownies and coat them with caramel and nuts!

Then he tells me he doesn't like nuts.

Then I tell him nuts are healthy.

Then the truck shakes and I suck in my stomach.

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