too cool for school.

College has started back up and it feels so weird not to be back in the swing of doing homework, going to class, and planning work around the time when I'm not pounding my head against the wall because Chemistry is kicking my rear. Again.

Of course the mister is completing his last year, so I'm still getting the daily dose of college life from him.

"I watched the weirdest person eat their lunch today." 
"Did you know that the production of feed and corn is-"

I start painting my nails.

"..and then during harvest season the combine.."

And I day dream about the new jeans I want this fall.

"..which means that the soil is in exhaustion..."

Then I start picking out baby names and deciding on if I'm going to use Pampers or Huggies.

"...and all in all that's pretty cool and we get to test all of it, don't you think so Kallie?"



Oh! Yeah that's great!

Sometimes I get distracted. And by sometimes I mean all the time.


Susan Bricker said...

Thank you for sharing We love you

Kiri said...

Hi Kallie! This post made me laugh :) What did you go to school for? I am in what should be my senior year, but due to changing my major about, oh, five times...have about 2 years left. lol


Angie said...

you are toooo funny!!!

Megan said...

Why did you get all the funny genes!!! Not fair!!!

PS... Huggies are better. :)