little helper.

Last weekend after Mr.B's Mom had stuffed me full of homemade ice cream, brownies, and hot fudge, they put a fork in me and I went to heaven.

Don't worry, I came back just in time to help Mr.B and his brother tie up a couple loose ends after baling hay all afternoon. And by helping I mean I sat in the truck and drove wherever their little hearts desired.

Hey Kallie, can you come over here and help me?

Ah shucks. I bet he's kickin' himself for not buying me those boots now. And no, I didn't wear socks to the pool all summer. My feet think they are in an albino competition. And I don't argue with my feet. 

Maybe I'll borrow some work boots from my friend Joslin. She lives right over there. See that little white speck? That's her place. 

Or maybe I'll just stay here and take pictures.

Hey! Watch the road! 
Oh, you're only going 10 mph?
I guess I'll just enjoy the view. 

Love me some farm boy. 

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Megan said...

I saw your boots on clearance at our Target the other day ... might wanna check yours? Or online?