What to do when you see a mouse:


2-Yell at God for making you think you were dying.

3-Check your underwear.

4-Vow never to step foot in the laundry room ever again.

5-Go to the store to buy traps.

6-Buy underwear while you are there.

7-Eat some M&Ms.

8-Remind yourself that you are bigger than a mouse.

9-Call your Mom and tell her.

10-Write it as your status on facebook. 

11-Order a big batch of cats online and have them be next day delivery. 

12-Remind yourself you hate cats.

13-Eat some frozen yogurt. 

Hopefully you don't need any mice advice..but just in case! 

1 comment:

Megan said...

QUIT eating frozen yogurt without me. It's a rule.