Once upon a time, two little girls parents introduced them to each other. They were pretty cute. Even though their dresses looked like they had permanent bibs on them and were made out of curtains. 

They decided that they would:

Be best friends even though they didn't live in the same state.
 Sleep together in the camper (even when certain individuals told sketchy stories)
 Name thousands of kittens.
Make fun of our parents laughing while they played cards.
 Play wolf late at night.
 Have speed tournaments.
 Stay up all night talking about boys.
Support each other through tough times and of course.. 
....make hillbilly movies.

They are still best friends 20 years later. 

Love you Betty!



Rachel Anderson (Norlien) said...

Wow this is so cute!!!! I love that picture of us, my dad said he saw it in your bedroom. Awwww thanks for putting this us , it made my day :)

Lori Norlien said...

Cute Story and Photo!! Phyllis must have been three, and Betty four. Sorry about the dresses, they were realy cute twenty years ago. They still look cute to me. Phyllis you are quite a good storyteller, thanks for sharing!

Megan said...

I love your red hair.