Lessons learned.

Here is what I've learned about myself in the last--uh--month. 

1-I've kind of turned into a heat pansy. I spent the weekend in Iowa and was begging Mr B to turn on some air conditioning so I wouldn't suffocate. Result? I suffocated because he doesn't love me. 
Just kidding. 

2- The library is awesome. I had a revolution the other day. You know how sometimes you pick a long line at Target just to read some magazines while you wait? C'mon, we all do it. But stop, because you can sit and read them in comfy chairs at the library! 

3- I sometimes verbally abuse Ali from the Bachelorette and think that I could do much better at picking her future hubby. She picks dumb guys over super cute ones and my mouth takes off like, "Ali, you're so dumb! I can't believe you picked him you little #$%^*##$%^^." <

4- Who knew I could be extremely happy cleaning peoples gunk off their teeth and putting bands on braces? I flippin' love my job. 

5- When going shopping, I literally think of outfits that ladies wear to my church. It's like everybody got a memo to look adorable every Sunday. The Crossing is awesome. Along with my small group ladies (hollla!). 

6-I like blogs that have pictures. If a blog doesn't have pictures I start thinking about algebra and other boring things. 

7- I miss playing softball, it's so fun. 

Here's to the last month. 

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Megan said...

I do the same thing about the outfit thing, but instead of picturing people at church, I just picture you. Seriously, would Kallie like this?

PS, who took that ADORABLE picture of you and shane?? ::cough, cough::