I love weekends.

So much happened this weekend, and so much diet coke entered my system, it was beautiful.

 Saturday we celebrated my little brothers birthday, he turned 18 and decided to start smoking! Okay, he didn't, but he did decide to have a water balloon fight in his underwear.

No swimsuits necessary at the Carmichael residence, come on over!
Today was Father's Day. Let me just say my Dad is great and I love him so much. Even when he makes me rub his feet because it's "Fathers Day". If only they had a Daughters Day..

He took my mom and I to Oceans of Fun this afternoon! We had quite the time. They both got some killer sunburn and my mother did the splits on accident. I laughed so hard I think I pulled an ab muscle. It was totally worth it.  

Oh how I love my Dad and brother. And Kansas City. 

Do you love weekends as much as I do? 

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