My life is awesome.
For real though, just hear me out because I feel like a celebrity, and not one of those wanna be celebrities either, but a big timer. Like, Britney Spears. Or Mary.

All day last Thursday I had a stunt double in Los Angeles, California! Someone likes me so much that they wanted to act just like me, laugh just like me, walk just like me, and talk just like me. Oh! Did I mention they wanted to swipe my checking card just like me too?

Yup, they sure did. They took my sweet little Iowan identity, how cute are they?

This just cracks.me.up. Guess what they bought? Nawwww, they didn't go out and buy a new flatscreen tv, a sweet pair of kicks, or a new ride.

Why would you go for that when you could go to Food4Less in L.A and buy 43 dollars worth of groceries?! I'm guessing that after grocery shopping (or before) they were just an insie weensie tid bit hungry, because then they decided to make a quick pit stop at McDonalds and get a McChicken sandwich for a dollar and ten cents, or a small vanilla cone in a cup (those are just my favorite). Yum.

So glad I could help them out with their eating budget.


I was so excited about this little rush of excitement in my life that I called my older brother at midnight just to share the good news. That's what big brothers are for, right?

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