Nobody told me that this was on my nose today.

Alright, so it really wasn't on my nose today, but it is from my chinese takeout that I ordered (because I'm a girl and order unhealthy food when I have a horrible day) and it says, "Your line of work will soon change."


I don't really want to go into any gory detail about how amazingly bad my day was today, so let me just illustrate what my class of 2 year olds looked like from my point of view.

For 10 hours straight.

If you need to get a hold of me, contact the mental hospital and ask to speak to the girl that sits with her head between her legs and is rocking back and forth while humming.


Megan said...

Ohhhh sister. You make me laugh so hard. I hate to break it to you but I see those faces from my tellers who are full-grown adults on a daily basis. It also makes me want to admit myself to a mental institution some days. LOVE YOU!

holliejean said...

Ohhh i also see those looks on my clients faces when i tell them anything they dont want to hear...I also see that face in the mirror sometimes when I realize my kids destroyed something of mine for the 47th time...wait...what?