boys boys boys.

I got cut off by a Grandma today. Okay, I shouldn't say Grandma because Grandmas are very sweet and nice. This lady? Not so much. I was jammin' out to Hey Soul Sister by Train, and the twit decided to speed up in front me and flip me the California love sign. I have a bruise on my chin from it hitting my steering wheel when my jaw dropped, and my voice is a little hoarse from yelling, "You got a license to fly that bird?" All I could think was, did she just flip me off for having mad car dancing skills? What a spaz.

It is so incredibly beautiful out today, it's almost hot, but not. Perfect for a Coldstone run and having the window open.

I really do love John Mayer.

I have The Office theme song as my ringtone on my phone and it makes me smile when I hear it.

I'm moving home this summer! Because: I want to-- Mr. B told me to-- and I want to.

Also, the theme of this summer is weddings. I have a million and a half to go to, and I'm not complaining one bit. Weddings mean love, and cake. Two of my most favorite things ever!

Work has been pretty good lately. You know you work at daycare when you can jam out to a children's praise song and actually recommend it to someone who you don't work with. Anyway! I've been snapping shots of the kids to go on the class website and I thought I'd share a few of my personal favorites.
There are no words for this boy.
And I love his eyes.
And this is my current boyfriend. Who takes my pillow everyday so I lay by him, and tells all the other boys I'm off limits.
I have this picture-->
It takes me back to a time when I had not a clue. I loved that time. And the time that I spent with my beautiful sister that weekend.

Now, a little devotions update. I'm reading into the women of the Bible. Esther, Ruth, all those good gals. What sweethearts. A friend of mine is loaning me a book about their lives in detail, and maybe some possible twists to their stories. I'm really excited! God is so good.

It's almost Thursday!

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