If these don't make you smile--you don't have a heart.

Those are some mad parenting skills Chad. Like father like son, right?

My Dad is grilling tonight, and I'm so excited I think I just peed my pants a little. It's always so yummy and my mouth is already watering.

My goal for this weekend was to take a lot of pictures and guess what? I haven't taken any. I should probably change start so then I can blog about how great my weekend is going! Annnnd how much weight I have gained by slipping into multiple food comas. Geesh.

My parents rock at tennis. Total troopers.

I miss the mister. I went shoppin' with my Mom today and I saw so many Cardinals things that I wanted to buy him! He's just so flippin' cute, and my Mom likes it that she knows what to buy him for Fathers Day someday, haha.

See? :)

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chaaaaaad said...

i bet Mom and Dad LOVE that video...nice.