third date

Sing it with me! On the third Date of Christmas my hubby gave to meeeee - a Christmas tree from Fareeeeeeway!

You're welcome for that song being stuck in your head from now until you're 80.

This date could also be labeled as the 'Kallie should never go to an animal shelter alonedate.

With the plan in mind to go cut down a tree like we always do, I got a phone call on the way home from Mr. B.

"Hey, uh, the Christmas tree farm is closed today."

"What!" Crocodile tears people. Big juicy ones.

"Yeah, we could go tomorrow maybe? Or next weekend?"

"But - I have to work all day tomorrow and then it'll be dark and we can't run around the tree farm like we always do laughing and picking ugly trees on purpose just to get a reaction out of each other!"

"I don't know, Kallie."

After pouting for a while, I decided not to wait until next weekend, we were going to the grocery store to get a tree gosh dangit.

And we picked one out in the matter of 3 minutes! New record.

Anyway, it was probably good we left shortly after that because I started getting just a touch sad looking at all the other trees that didn't have a home.

And that is why Mr. B never lets me go to Petco by myself - I'd probably be bringing home a new puppy or cat every time.

Just kidding on the cats part.

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