i had the best morning

My Wednesdays are usually boring.

Typical morning:
Wake up.
Shower (maybe).
Get dressed.
Run out the door with coffee in a regular mug.
Almost spill said coffee on my lap 5 times on the commute.
Remind myself to buy more travel mugs.
Walk into work.


But today? Mmm. I got to spend my morning in Des Moines doing Des Moines things.

Like reading the newspaper by a fireplace while it was snowing outside while also eavesdropping on the people around me.

And yes, I know if you follow me on instagram that you've already seen this picture. But what you don't see in this picture is my huge smile on my face because then that'd be a selfie and I'm embarrassed to take selfies in public.

Just kidding.

Am I the only one who takes pictures of themselves to send to their husbands to get an approval on buying something? 

I'm just saying, I had a really great (different than the normal day to day) morning. 

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